Land Cruiser engine replacements (Other vehicle brands, Land Rover etc also available on quotation base)

Why an ISF 2.8?

  • 180 000km or 18 months Cummins Warranty.
  • Fuel saving of more than 85%.
  • Fuel saving will pay off conversion in 75 000km
  • Euro 4 engine to do our share for the environment (catalytic convertor removed)
  • Increase output and torque - diesel

    Price: (Petrol or Diesel) 2.8l - 120kW @ 3600 rpms, 360Nm from 1800 to 3000rpms

    Standard/basic repower consisting off: Engine, bell housing, Clutch kit, piping, engine mounts, inter cooler, vehicle harness, pedal, exhaust, including installation POR excl vat
  • Or you can buy the engine from Cummins and we do the conversion for POR (Depending on what your requirements are and what your vehicle already consist off)

    Cruiser specs versus Cummins engine:

    (1999-2012 models) Cruiser 70, 76 and 79 series:
  • 4.2 Diesel 96Kw @ 4000rpms, 285Nm@2200rpms
  • 4.5 Petrol 160kw@4600rpms, 387Nm@3600rpms

    Cummins 2.8l:
  • 2.8l - 120kW @ 3600 rpms, 360Nm from 1800 to 3000rpms

    General info:
  • Max speed ±135km/h depending on tyre size
  • Max vehicle weight for 2.8l engine is 3.5t
  • Towing capacity 2500kg
  • Diesel requirement 50ppm is preferred but 500ppm is acceptable.
  • Excellent of road capability
  • 10 000km service intervals
  • Full Cummins warranty
  • Helber terms and conditions apply, available on request